Crazy golf


­Jenner's crazy golf course is set in the beautiful Riverside gardens. It offers people of all ages and abilities the chance to compete against each other and have fun!!


CHILDREN (Upto 11 years)    £2.50

ADULTS  (12 and over)          £3.50

Price includes, hire of golf club and a low bounce ball

Prices are per person per round,  All children must be supervised at all times

Please observe course rules (as displayed on the sign)


Opening times:

Open same time as Jenner's cafe

All golfers must finish their game 15 minutes before Jenner's cafe closes (open times on home page)









Full breakfast                               £4.80

2 bacon, beans,sausage, fried egg and toast

Chip breakfast                             £5.90

2 bacon, 1 sausage, beans,fried egg and skinny chips

Full monty                                    £7.10

2 bacon, 1fried egg, beans, tomato, hash browns, 2 sausages and mushrooms

Veggie breakfast                        £4.90

Fried egg, beans, hashbrowns, tomato, mushrooms and toast

Light breakfast                          £4.70

1 fried egg, mushrooms, tomato, 1 bacon and toast


Double egg on toast                 £3.50

Baked beans on toast              £3.50

Scramabled egg on toast          £4.00

(scramabled egg served till 11am)

Bacon roll                                    £3.00

Bacon and egg roll                    £3.50

Breakfast roll                             £4.00

Sausage bap                               £3.00





Gammon ham special                     £6.90

2 slices of gammon ham, 2 fried eggs and skinny chips

Wholetail scampi                             £8.50

Wholetail scampi, skinny chips served with a salad garnish

Battered cod                                     £8.50

Battered cod, skinny chips served with a salad garnish

Big Jenn Burger (Beef or chicken)     £8.50

2 x burgers with bacon and cheese served with skinny fries and onion rings


Bacon, fried egg and skinny chips       £5.10

Cumberland sausages, egg, chips        £5.10

Fried egg, beans and skinny chips       £4.70

Double egg and chips                              £4.70

Spicy bean burger                                    £3.10

Quarter pounder burger                        £3.00

Chicken burger                                         £3.30

Small chips                                                 £3.00

Large chips                                                 £3.50

6 onion rings                                              £2.30

Side salad                                                    £3.50